My wizard of heart ( 101 inspirational quotes)

Posted on March 30, 2010 by Baby Briones   

Baby Briones's 101 Inspirational Quotes

1.Today I begin a milestone journey in which the heart only knows where it would end.

 2.You and me against the world, for a love that has never been committed at all.


3.Life is not measured by the time we live but by the effort we give.


4.The sound of your melancholic voice is therapeutic to my aching soul.


5. Heaven can wait until our lingering souls meet again.


6. How about a dash of love to heal your wounded soul?


7. Let me take you to paradise where time has no meaning at all.


8. Only the sweetness of your voice can serenade my dismayed heart.


9. A new chapter of my life unfolds the day our lives became entwined.


10 .Let me open the gates of heaven only to prove how much I love you!

11.The essence of my being is being with you.


12. Face book is a miniature timeline evoking a man's journey to his past, present and future.


13. Face book seems  a virtual planet of friendship only later to unravel the love of your life. What an amazing discovery!


14. Passion looms your aching soul, as life and death are immiscible. Only time will tell when love begets eternity.


15. Love travels in synchronize motion and time to heal the world.


16. The best human intervention is our adeptness in the art of peace and the proliferation of the power of love.


17. To give unconditional love is allowing your self to come into the circle of love.


18.  Life is a series of documented events in our destiny manifested in our fate.  Death lies beyond eternity where the mystery of life is fulfilled and gratified.

 19. Every bride is a maiden in paradise.

20. Bad memories are written in the stone to be cast away in the sea.

21. A divine leader is a liberator of poverty and innovator of success.

22. No hope, no gain for a man waiting in vain.

23. Self-actualization is reaching out at the end of the rainbow where the colours come to life.

24. Fool you make out of your life, fool you die in misery.

25. A child's tears are innocent drop of rain from heaven.

26. A smile of a child takes us to enchanting world of fantasy.

27. Youth is a resounding milestone of our happy days, an exhilarating prologue to the wonders of life.

28. Teenage is a rhythmical step to maturity.

29. Maturity is a crowning glory of self-fulfillment prophecy.

30. Joie de vivre is to do it now. 

31. In dying three gates awaits you, heaven, hell and purgatory.Choose the best gate that would give recognition of your life's achievement.

32. Remember your childhood is your memory for life.

33. To edify life is to edify God in your heart.

34. The gate of happiness remains open for all, only if we know how to enter the gate.

35. Happiness is unremitting love for mankind.

36.The state of our happiness is the by- product of our human coexistence.

37. Sorrow is an illusion  of a demented heart while happiness is an exultation of  a loving soul. 

38. Wealth and fame are tangible gifts of modern times.

39. Money will speak your language regardless of your creed and ethnicity.

40. Let money do the talking in the pseudo world of politics.

41. A transient beauty is perceived in the eyes of the beholder while a timeless beauty is conceived in divine purity.

42. Beauty fades away with the passing of time while wisdom blossoms with your age.

43. When you no longer see the time, then your time is up!.

44. Time is a language of man's existence encapsulated in various dimensions.

45. The clock is ticking for the greatest race on earth called survival.

46. Time unravels the mystery between life and death.

47. You can deceive almost everything but not the time, as it tells the truth.

48.The ethereal passion in you is felt in your immortal words.

49. Eternity is felt in your impassioned caresses while serenity is heard in the stillness of your voice.

50. Yesterday and tomorrow are immiscible facets of time, yet I can only see my vision today.  

51. Love is a genetic code of emotion aiming to spread goodwill to the world.

52. Life is the greatest mystery on earth uncovered.

53. You make me see the world in your eyes, you make me feel the passion of the world in your caresses, you make me heard the sighing of the world in your whisper, on this is love!

54. When summer bids adieu there is always a lingering farewell in my heart.

55. Someday, somewhere you heart will feel ecstasy flame of passion when you meet the love of your life.

56.Let me whisper a word that no one hears, no one understands, no one feels except only you, as the sound vibrates the yearning of my soul.

57. Time will tell when our fate encroaches our destiny.

58. The world is a staggering arena where human beings compete for world supremacy called " life."

59. Smile is a spell binding act of love.

60. Trust is the bedrock of a solidified marriage.

61. Marriage is a unification of two human bodies inhabiting one soul, beating as one heart to see the promise of everlasting life.

62. My home is my kingdom where my royalty reigns, where I govern a family fit for a society.

63. Travelling encompasses the beauty of the world right before your eyes as it was written in the book.

64.  Cruising!  What a majestic odyssey to get acquainted with the treasures of the world.

65. In traveling, there is always hello and goodbye.

66. The art of travelling is immersing yourself to the wonders of the world as you let your curiosity run wild.

67. You are an explorer if you have seen Paris for a day!

68. A lost traveler is a damn spectator of the world.

69. The essence of true friendship holds no boundaries, where boundary begins, friendship ends.

70. A true friendship is like a vintage wine, the longer you keep it, the better it taste throughout the years.

70.    A friend is a guardian angel sent from heaven.

71.   Food and Prayers are nutritive values in life;  food nourishes our mind and body while prayers invigorates our soul and spirit.   

72. .  Addictions are catastrophes of modern times cured by therapeutic intervention yet its fruition is a provocation of anger to deluded minds.

73.   For the parents, children are oasis of love. For the children, parents are pearls of wisdom.

74.   The odysseys of wisdom are symphony instrument of learning and understanding the ropes of life.

75.   Problems are a man's conditional devices, designed to test his suitability existence in this planet.

76.  Sustainability growth in humanity is to enhance and promote the wellness productivity in human integration and interaction.

77.   A conventional life is a life of serenity and simplicity, while a modern life is a life of pageantry and delusion.

78.  I am here to embrace life at the end of the road.

79.  Careers and ambitions are chronicles of modern times.

80.The benevolent gift of love is to radiate zest for living despite obstacles that you meet on the road.


81.  The animosity that engulfed the world is a by-product of avaricious thoughts for wealth, fame and supremacy.

82..    The savvy traveler is someone that does not spend much in luxury hotels but spend a great deal of his time admiring the beauty of the world. 

83.    Philosophers never talk; they speak up their minds.

84.    Magic is an illusion of the eye but delusion of the mind.

85.  The most delicious food is cook from the heart of a passionate chef.

86.  Marriage is the best lucrative investment in town that anyone can procure as the profit doubles-up within a matter of time but again the pitfalls could sometimes lead you into a turbulent world of divorce.

87.  Divorce is a loophole act of getting away from the sacrilege of marriage.

88.  The phrase "I do" could mean a hotbed of roses or endless turmoil.

89.  Everybody is born to succeed and not to fail. Everybody is a gifted millionaire in there own ways.

90.  Life coach is a saving device to save you from drowning.


91.  There is no such arithmetic formula for wealth creation, no financial advisors, no bank manager, no friends, no relatives or anyone else but YOU!

92.  Only now and then, you visit me in dreams, the thought of knowing who you are takes me to my past, only to feel your essence in my future. 

93.  The woman's heart is the quintessential sacrilege of her personality.

94.  My heart is my main motivator and my brain is my main stimulant.

95.  I will follow my heart's desire to seek eternal love and happiness.    

96.   When the heart is touched, it exudes life, nourishes soul and pulsates love moment by moment.

97.  The happiest women on the planet are those who didn't have or opted for any facial or plastic surgery at all.

98.  The tapestries of event in my life have been a pioneering spirit to recall my joys and sorrows.

99.  Love and hate is immiscible that could lead you into turbulence of time and embroiled life. 

100.  Love says it all when you can share with this person your happiest and saddest moments of your life.

101.  Love is the ultimate force that draws us to wholeness. It is a special bonding of emotions that nourishes both your soul reverberating joy and serenity.






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